Holistic Weight Loss = “Detox”

There are so many ways to make the scale show a lower number. All you really have to do is to make your body weigh less. All “weight loss” methods are designed to make your body “lose” something.

Unfortunately, Most methods are “successful” at the expense of lean muscle tissues.

Instead of sacrificing much appreciated muscle, HCG allows the body to detoxify itself of toxic fat that has been connected to Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease and other Chronic illness. If detoxification sounds like a new concept to you, rest assured…

Humans have “detoxed” for thousands of years.

Many cultures understand the benefits of detoxing, they also notice the emotional and energetic benefits of cleansing the body. Just like the house you live in, if you never cleaned it, you wouldn’t enjoy living in it very long would you? It would be dirty, smelly and you may even have uninvited critters living with you too.

Well, this is what we’re talking about with detoxing the body as well. As our body gets “dirty”, our quality of life begins to dwindle. The body builds up so much junk inside, it has trouble keeping up with the work load. Eventually our body becomes overworked and we feel sluggish and fatigued.

Our body will use it’s immune system to flush out the waste too. We get congested, runny noses, fevers, upset stomachs and other symptoms that equate to our body trying dearly to clean house.

A clean body is a happy body.

The healthiest way to Shed pounds is to “lose” the stuff that actually makes us fat and drains our energy. That “stuff” is called acids and toxins.

When we eat, drink, experience emotions or even think, we produce acids. A fairly healthy and nourished body easily neutralizes these acids and works them out from the body. But, if our body is out of balance, overworked or deficient of the tools needed [nutrients], it will be forced to defer the cleansing of these “toxins” until later.

Instead of releasing them from the body, it stores them…in FAT.

Voila!!! that’s the mystery of FAT. It’s simply a storage container for anything the body isn’t able to process at the time.

What types of things build up as acidic or toxic:

  • All forms of Drugs and Medications
  • Alcohol
  • Sugars
  • Processed and Packaged Foods
  • First and Second Hand Smoke
  • Many foods like Animal based foods are very acidic as well
  • Stress
  • Other unprocessed thoughts and emotions

The ability to get fat save lives.

The ability for our body to produce fat actually protects our vital organs from all the toxins we allow in and produce in our body. If too many toxins continued to build up in our blood, we could actually die. So, the body uses fat as a storage container for these dangerous toxins. It’s obvious that FAT is a great tool to use and we are fortunate to have it.

The problem comes when we continue to “pile up work” for our body to do and don’t give it the right tools to perform it’s work. We put on more Fat.

Our body is simply overworked.

Many of us can relate to being overworked. So I ask you, what needs to happen when you get overworked? Do you ask for help, does your work begin to pile up? Perhaps you try do do it alone. Either way, at some point you need a break.  Finding a way to restore your work flow is a must also. That’s exactly what our bodies need too, Rest and restore the flow.

The good news.

If we give our body less work to do and the right tools to work with. It will “DETOX” and cleanse the toxins from the body. In this process, Fat goes away also and you weigh less. Mission accomplished.

DETOX is the only true weight loss

Detoxification is the best way for people to “lose weight” and the best detox tools are anything that will help the body neutralize acids or alkalize the body.

For example: Raw Vegetables [greener the better] are very alkalizing and will allow the body to release acids into the blood stream without harming the body.

Great DETOX tools are:

  • Water
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Raw Nuts and Seeds
  • Whole Grains
  • Movement also plays a large roll in getting rid of toxins.

The best DETOX tool I’m aware of is HCG.
HCG is scientifically known to be very alkalizing to the body which is the opposite of acidic. Therefore HCG has the right properties to help the body release toxins and as an end result of detoxification, you release fat and weight.

The Million Dollar Question

Is HCG really a “traditional” weight loss tool?  ABSOLUTELY NOT,  Not in my opinion…Most diet products aim at making the body work faster by using thermogenic ingredients like caffeine or ephedrine. These of course have been proven to raise the body temperature by making the heart work harder in order to “burn more calories”. This is commonly known to actually stress the body and has adverse affects. It’s also common knowledge that the traditional weight loss product leaves behind residues that turn toxic in the body.

HCG works in the opposite fashion, it actually helps the body work smarter instead of harder. HCG helps the body focus it’s energy on cleansing and releasing toxins from the fat stores, and using the fat as energy. The only reasons for calorie restrictions on this protocol, is to encourage the body to get its energy from FAT stores. If we continued to eat larger portions, our body would be too busy digesting food instead of releasing toxins. To know more about this pls visit ewingandewing.com

What makes the most sense?

Speeding up an already overworked body, or cleaning out your body and using our own stored fat as energy? Many ancient cultures still detox regularly and all Medical professionals will warn us about the dangers of getting to toxic.

So of course it makes sense to do something for our body that helps it cleanse and doesn’t put it under more undue stress. With the HCG detox, we end up losing about a pound a day on average.