Are HCG Injections Better than HCG Drops?

In a way, yes HCG injections are better when compared to hcg drops. The reason is obvious because drops are consumed whereas injections are injected directly into the blood. Therefore, HCG injections are more prone to have better effect than when compared to HCG drops.

However, you should not look only the effectiveness but also the safety with the product usage. You should understand very well, that injections does carry certain risks and are unsafe.

some of their risks are that injections can carry infections with their needles and in turn can infect the person who is using it. The second problem is with the usage itself. If you are not well versed in using a injection you can hurt yourself.

Other than the other two HCg injections are great when it comes to weight loss.

Where can i buy hcg injections online?
There are several merchants that sell hcg injections. Of them the best site is as they have great recommendations when it comes to injections. You can also buy from other sites. However, you should note that the product or the injection in this case is legit and you do not get yourself under trouble legally.

Here are some things that you should notice while purchasing HCG injections online:

  1. Ensure it is produced in US as imported HCG injections are considered illegal in US.
  2. Ensure that they are pharmaceutical grade HCG injections. Do not buy homeopathic.
  3. Buy from a reputed seller.
  4. Ensure that you have some sort of refund or guarantee with the product purchased. do not buy if you have no refund period in which you can return the product and claim your money.
  5. double check if there is any dilution of hormones with hcg.