About Dr. Diana Howes PhD

I started my Holistic Education & Journey in 2002. I was a young mother of two young boys struggling with living my life successfully, battling depression and low self-identity. Yet my hunches convinced me there was a “better way” to heal my life & find my purpose, so I began to research the world of Energy Healing.

I am & will always be a student of life. I enjoy people and sharing the wisdom of holistic observation. I look at a person’s health through gauging chi [life-force-energy] flow. I began my education with acquiring my license as a Massage Therapist where I integrated healing modalities of EFT, Reiki, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Aromatherapy, Myofascial Release as well as other Energy Therapies. From there I completed my education in Holistic Health and achieved my Doctorate with the University of Metaphysical Sciences WI where I am also completing my Doctorate of Divinity.

It is no secret that science today has determined the foundation of all physical matter to be subject to the human mind. Yes, all matter is subject to “Belief” itself. As a Metaphysician & Doctor of Holistic Health I help people to shift their greater Mind to help them heal their life. I also utilize my own energy to generate a palpable force of energy [that people actually feel] which helps them physically unwind, engage in their natural healing processes and let go of pain.

When people let me know they are ready, I also teach them how to run their own body with energy [chi] & live pain free. Most people who learn the techniques from me end up helping others in some healing capacity. It’s really an honor for me to help others become more aware and in tune with their natural healing abilities, as it is a human birthright.

I run my private practice in Camas, WA. USA with a high percentile of success in helping people live pain-free through working with human energy [chi]. Through working with their Mind, I help my patients shift their Consciousness to create Healing in their lives and break free from lack and limitations on a physical, mental and spiritual plane. Because of my busy schedule with serving my patients & teaching, I have an ONLINE SCHEDULER that helps me make all my appointments. At this time, Student lessons are by request only.

Some people call me Healer; Intuitive; Gifted; Doctor; Teacher…

My practice is rooted in Holism – The Philosophy and Life Practice of Oneness; That all that is generates from the One; that anything and everything that is within you is so because of you [Whether it was intended to be so consciously, or not]. It is my life’s passion to bring the consciousness of Holism to the forefront of the world’s awareness. I believe the root cause of all dis ease is stress. And all stress begins when your Self Identity is not aligned with your Truth. Students who learn from me discover an incredible force of energy that we can access to truly heal & experience grace when we engage first in a healthy Self Identity. All the rest of life’s journey just becomes a thrill of awe after that!

My field experience and case studies have allowed me to share the phenomenon of energy healing with my colleagues , both supporters and skeptics alike. I also incorporate vibrational medicine into my practice using Biofeedback & Light therapy. Bottom line for me and what I do produces results for every student and patient.

I engineered a Whole Living Program for my company 8 DAYZ. And my partners and I have created Holistic Weight loss Programs, Products as well as Daily Healing Routines to help people:

  • Become Healers
  • Master Change
  • Clear Mental Viruses that cause suffering
  • Magnetize What They Love
  • Discover Your LIFE fuel
  • Take Daily Inspired Action